Friends through sport… and other news

This last week was an exciting one. World Cup trials races, a massive snowfall, and a visit from a childhood friend! What more can you ask for??

Trials Day 1. Photo: Justin Brisbane

Starting with the races. Biathlon Canada held two selection sprint races; one had beautiful sunshine, the other had puking snow. Both fantastic in their own way. I was happy with my performance and am pleased to say I will be a member of the World Cup Team for the first set of races before Christmas. Yahoo!!! Full results can be found hereI will be off to Oestersund, Sweden on November 25th.

Women's team getting stoked to race!
Women’s team getting stoked to race!

I realized this week how amazing it is to grow up in a ski community. The friends I have made through biathlon and cross country skiing have been some of the most interesting, caring, and fun people in my life. Just last week I spontaneously reconnected with a friend, who I hadn’t seen since we were kids in the Telemark Racing program. We caught up like no time had passed and are looking forward to seeing each other more often!


Lastly, THE SNOW!!!! Canmore had three snowfall warnings in the last week, which led to a quick transition into winter. The Canmore Nordic Biathlon Bears experienced this snow first hand in one of our practices. Once we realized that getting 9-12 year olds to shoot in a blizzard was a lost cause,  we quickly improvised and had, as one kid put it, “the best night EVER!”. We built jumps and skied down steep powdery hills.

Bears having fun at practice
Bears having fun at practice

On that note, its time to get ready to race!!

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