The World Cup Comes Home

And just like that, the Canmore World Cups are over! I’ve been enjoying a coffee buzz while doing laundry, drying boots, and completing other tasks that were put to the wayside while racing.

Amazing coffee this week crafted by the talented Kaitlin Fulmore at Central West Coffee. Photo Credit: Russell Kennedy
Amazing coffee this week crafted by the talented Kaitlin Fulmore at Central West Coffee. Photo Credit: Russell Kennedy

Before showing off some photos from the weekend, I would like to congratulate Canmore on hosting a tremendous world class event. I was truly blown away by all 300 smiling volunteers who tirelessly pulled off the organization of our races. Thank you for your hard work. Also, big thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on your National Team and the other athletes. Great energy at the Nordic Centre this weekend!

Photo Credit: Peter Collins
Photo Credit: Peter Collins

Racing at home has been an interesting experience for me. Leading up to the Canmore World Cups, I felt as though my ‘alter ego’ was coming over to mix with reality. My racing life over seas is something that even the people I’m closest to haven’t entirely witnessed. Its almost a sacred thing between teammates, staff, and myself that only reveals itself in small intervals via FaceTime or social media to the rest of the world. Of course my family, friends, and boyfriend know what I’m doing, but they haven’t really experienced it before. At first, I thought I would have to fight the pressures of family dinners, avoid distraction of a home crowd, and be extra diligent about energy management. I soon realized that the family dinners (and mom’s home cooking) fuelled me up those Canmore hills, the home crowd cheered me to the finish line, and the media interviews reminded me how exciting this sport really is.

Photo Credit: Noel Rogers

All the important things aligned for me this weekend: Family, home, friends, and community. It helped propel me to a career best placing of 19th.

Tagging off to Nathan
Tagging off to Nathan. Photo Credit: Noel Rogers

I also had the pleasure of teaming up with super star Nathan Smith for the single mixed relay. Not only did he comply with my requests to shave for optimal tattoo application, but he taught me the tricks of racing this new event! Nathan battled with one of the fastest skiers on the World Cup and crossed in 12th.

Haakon getting his cheer on for Brendan. Photo Credit: Peter Collins

Lastly, our mixed relay team totally killed it! Rosanna sharpened her elbows and started the team off, Sarah had her usual wicked shooting and tagged to Macx, who skied like a champion. Brendan finished in 6th place with clutch shooting and an exciting sprint to the line. GO CANADA GO!

These super stars looking happy after an amazing mixed relay. Photo Credit: Peter Collins


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