Unforseen Awesome

Bonnyville, Alberta was never on my radar as a place to spend a week in. In fact, until recently, I didn’t know it existed.

However, as dating a med student would have it, I quickly became familiar with this rural town after my boyfriend was placed there for a month long Rural Family Medicine rotation.

Where is Bonnyville you ask? About 2.5hrs north east of Edmonton. Or five hours and 57 minutes of podcasts (see below for what I am currently subscribed to) from my home in Canmore. What you do for love.

At first I was apprehensive of heading up there. This was uncharted territory for a girl who had never seen the prairies. What does one even do there for a week?

Turns out, this unassuming town and it’s surrounding areas was a delightful place for a relaxed getaway.  It reminded me a lot of my childhood summers on Shuswap Lake. There are tons of beautiful lakes, rolling hills of blossoming canola, friendly people, and endless quiet roads perfect for biking. Local diners were as plentiful as all the farms that encouraged visitors to come and check out the source of their produce, eggs, and meat. There were even bison grazing nearby with their calves! On the medicine side of things, my boyfriend was brought in to what felt like a family of physicians, who have been encouraging and eager to pass on their knowledge.

Looking back, it feels as though like we stumbled across a hidden gem; a secret locals rarely speak about so they can keep their prairie paradise to themselves. I don’t blame them!

Sometimes unforeseen awesomeness comes where you least expect it.

Picking raspberries, strawberries, honeyberries, and saskatoon berries.


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